Photo Gallery: Skill Focus Burlesque presents Classic Consoles

The 2013 MegaCon science fiction and comic book convention recently drew record numbers of fanboys (and fangirls) to Orlando's Orange County Convention Center. In fact, there was so much activity that the excitement spilled out into neighboring International Drive venues.

My favorite MegaCon spinoff event this year was Skill Focus: Burlesque's "Classic Consoles" show at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre. The boys and girls of "nerdy burlesque" troupe Skill Focus, led by Ruby Darling, have made a name for themselves in Orlando by showing off their assets in playful spoofs of pop culture characters.

Highlights of the sold-out "Classic Console" show, which was filmed for a future reality television program, included Rosita Sparkles' hula-hooping Sonic the Hedgehog routine, and a ballon-popping tribute to Pac-Man. Other 8- and 16-bit era icons featured included Chun Li from Street Fighter II, Starfox, Pokemon, and Day of the Tentacle.


You can catch Skill Focus at the RAW Marvel art event on April 4th, and at the Orlando Fringe Festival in May.