Photo Gallery: Dapper Day at WDW's Magic Kingdom

For 364 days out of each year, Mickey T-shirts and ugly sandals are the standard uniform for most visitors to Disney's theme parks. But for one day on the calendar, some guests aim a bit higher on the sartorial ladder.

If you visited the Magic Kingdoms in Orlando or Anaheim on Saturday (2/24/13) you may have thought you slipped into a time-warped world of 3-piece suits and flapper dresses. Fear not, it was only the 3rd annual Dapper Day, a unofficial bi-coastal gathering of nattily attired theme park fans.

The event (which, like Gay Days and Bats Day, is not a Disney-sanctioned event) attracted scores of guests dressed in couture from the 1920s through 1960s and beyond. Their look is inspired by the original Disney concept art by Imagineers like John Hench, which often included well-dressed adults and children filling their illustrations.

This year, the festivities at Walt Disney World included a group ride on the Magic Kingdom's carousel, an outing on Tom Sawyer's Island, and cocktail parties at the resort hotels. Here is a gallery of photos from one of the most well-attended events, a group ride on the Liberty Belle riverboat around Frontierland.